You can get a salary advance of up to £300 at no cost, to spend at your favourite retailers and restaurants!

Key Benefits

Avoid unfair interest

Karma is a better alternative to expensive forms of short term credit

Effortless repayment

Karma automatically recover any money owed directly from your next pay cheque

Major brands

You can use Karma at many well known high street and online retailers

No impact on credit score

Karma doesn't affect your employees' credit score or history

Private and secure

Karma doesn't sell or share data so it's safe and secure with us

Here to help

Support is available on the app via chat, web form or phone


A Lifesaver

“Before being introduced to Karma I did find myself in some financial difficulties and ended up having to borrow money from friends or family. Then, when that wasn’t a viable option anymore, I would borrow via payday loans/lenders or using credit cards with high interest rates. Having been introduced to Karma I was able to gain peace of mind knowing that I was only paying back whatever I spent – no interest and no impact whatsoever on my credit score. It is quick and easy to use and there are a wide range of vendors available.”

William M.

A Credit Blessing

"I’ve had bad experiences with pay day loans in the past so being able to access Karma really is a blessing to me, especially since it doesn’t affect my credit file either."

Jodie D.

A True Help

"The reason I’ve personally continued to use Karma is that prior to using it I admittedly didn’t have the best budgeting skills and the way the app is laid out shows clearly what I’ve spent on certain items during the month and it also gives me a perspective of what the difference is in my spending from month to month – this shows me if I’m maybe spending more money in a specific month which enables me to see if there are any reasons for this – which in turn enhances my budgeting for the month."

Shelia G.
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