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Using the Karma Salary Advance your staff can access interest and fee-free advances of up to £300 to help with budgeting, household financial stress or an unexpected bill

Simple, free and secure

No integration

There are no integrations to payroll systems required and there's little impact on standard payroll process. Simply process payroll into the employees designated account as usual

No fee or charges

Karma doesn't charge employees or employers. We know employers want to do the right thing and so do we. That's why we don't charge anyone to use or offer the platform

Private and secure

Karma doesn't use employers' or employees' data and information for any other purpose than providing employees with the advance

FCA Regulatory Sandbox

Karma is one of 25 companies that has been chosen to be included in cohort 5 of the FCA Regulatory Sandbox.

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In the media

Speaking to 'The National', Scottish Innovations Minister Ivan McKee described Karma as a “fintech seeking to solve a major societal challenge”.

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BPO Collections

Karma was introduced to BPO Collections in December 2019 and has since then supported the financial wellbeing of their staff with salary advances of up to £300.

CEO of BPO Collections, Graham Rankin commented on the introduction of Karma: “When BPO introduced Karma in December 2019, Christmas was transformed for several of our staff, who were able to enjoy the festivities without worrying about expensive Christmas debt. The feeling of being able to access support when they may need it most allows employees to concentrate on their work tasks and be more productive, rather than worrying about putting food on the table.”

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