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Carbon Emissions and Environmental Sustainability Policy



This policy document intends to enumerate Karma Technologies International Limited’s ethos and philosophy of its commitment towards being a environmentally sustainable and a responsible organisation and believes that the successful protection of its employees, workplace, visitors, and natural environment can be achieved through implementing and maintaining environmental management processes, which meet international standards and comply with relevant compliance obligations.


Karma Technologies International Limited’s aim is to reduce utility consumption and carbon emissions from its activities and operations through effective carbon emissions and environmental management across its operations.



Karma Technologies International Limited is committed to protecting the environment and preventing pollution. We will strive to implementing effective waste management and minimization practices. When and where practicable, we look to implementing required and relevant certification. We will continue to address our environmental-footprint strategy which looks to address our carbon footprint and waste across our operations and will continually strengthen our environmental practices.




  • Act responsibly, respecting the environmental legislation as enforced and/or will implement actions seeking to meet the legislative targets or even better targets.


  • Promote environmental awareness and responsibility amongst the employees and stakeholders and seek their proactive role for the development of a culture oriented to quality and environmental protection.


  • Integrate the environmental issues into all aspects of the decision-making processes, also with respect to future business developments.


  • Reduce the environmental impacts of the organisation, with particular attention to promotion of energy saving of natural resources: paper, water, electricity, fuel;


  • Actively promote video conferencing, work from home and other technologies that enable remote working as a mean for reducing travelling.


  • Will look at actively promoting usage of public transport as a means of transportation for employees where applicable and have travel related policy implemented which helps reduce the carbon footprint.


  • Minimize waste, promote recycling, and the use of recycled products to help reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill.


  • Preferably choose technologies which can eliminate or reduce the use of hazardous substances to humans or the environment;


  • Reduce the paper printing, replacing printed documents with paperless documents to be shared on-line on the platform chosen for the data management, and making them accessible also through mobile devices.


  • We promote reuse and recycling, as well as the use of supplies that are recycled and recyclable and whose production and use minimize the consumption of natural resources.


  • We are committed to working with our suppliers, clients, and other stakeholders to reduce their environmental footprint.


  • The Shareholders and Karma Technologies International’s Executive Board along with its leadership team is fully committed to overseeing our overall environmental-footprint strategy and will strive to shape, maintain, and ensure the implementation of our environmental-footprint strategy.

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