February Funk

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Did you know 94% of employees are stressed about money, with 77% admitting that these worries impact their performance in the workplace? 

Poor financial wellbeing is a leading contributor to low productivity and responsible for a whopping £51bn a year loss to the economy. 

Karma wants to help you solve this problem - and keep your employees happy too. We’re building a world where hard-working people are rewarded with financial support that’s fair, fast and free. 

Our Salary Advance service enables your employees access to up to £300 a month. No credit checks for them and no impact on their credit score, and best of all, it’s completely interest and fee-free. 

Register your business with Karma before 28th February to give your employees access to the Karma Salary Advance plus an extra £25 credit per employee to spend at a wide ranger of retailers.

All you have to do is complete a simple online form, and your business will be setup to offer our service. No payroll or tech admin, no fees, no fuss. We’re all hoping that 2021 will be a better year - why not give your people a head start by taking at least one worry off their plates? 

Fight the February funk. Trust in Karma.

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