How Karma works

Employer signs-up

Employer sign-up is simple and requires no technical integration.

We don't charge employers or employees.


Employees download the app

Signing-up is quick and straightforward.

Employees need to be 18 or over, have a valid ID document and have the unique code given by their employer.

Update payroll bank account

On signing-up, we will give employees their own Karma Payment account.

Employees need to instruct their employer to pay their salary into this account.

Employees will still receive their salary into their usual bank account on the same day.


Spend at major brands

Choose to spend at major brands including Amazon, Tesco, Asda, Costa Coffee, Primark…. and many more!

Effortless repayment

Karma’s automated repayments means employees or employers never need to worry about repaying the advance.

We'll only collect what the employee has used and the rest will be sent to their bank account.


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