Platform Terms

Updated On
September 22, 2020

Karma Platform - Terms and Conditions

Availability and Change Control Policy

Issued by Legal – 12 August 2020

This policy relates to the availability of the Karma App Terms and Conditions to users of the platform and to changes Karma wishes to make to the terms and conditions.

The policy is in place to ensure:

  1. The terms and conditions are fair to consumers and not likely to be ruled unfair under the Consumer Rights Act;
  2. Karma is able to keep track of the versions of the terms and conditions that have been in place over time.

                  - Statement that the Terms have been updated and that in order to continue to use the Platform the user must agree to the new Terms;

                  - Statement the user is not required to agree to the new Terms but, if they don’t, they can no longer use the Platform;

                  - Directing the user to the location of the new Terms so they can read them prior to clicking to accept them.