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Our Mission and Values

Our mission was simple in its aim, but vast in its ambition: to create a world where everyone experiences financial happiness. For so long this has been exclusive to a small portion of the population, and we didn't think this was fair. So we created Karma, a company founded on the principle of providing financial support to those who need it the most. 


Our belief is that a good company works in the interest of hardworking people to benefit them, their employers, and their investors.

Minck Hermans
Co-Founder Karma



For so long, the financial help available to those who need it the most has been no help at all. The services available, ranging from credit cards, to overdrafts, to payday loans all have one thing in common: they charge you interest when they should be offering the financial help you need. This is not fair. We created Karma, with one clear principle: never to charge the customer any fees or interest. 


Smart Tech

From the outset, our mission was to build technology driven solutions that are purposeful, relevant and future ready. 

We create solutions that help the society’s most vulnerable gain financial confidence and a sense of possibility. We will continue to evolve our technology, but our commitment will remain the same.

Thinking Differently

Through our revolutionary use of gift cards and vouchers we are able to offer products that do not charge our customers any fees or interest. For so long our financial system has established that charging the customer is the norm, but we were determined to think differently and create a movement that would not do so, today and tomorrow.


There has never been a better time to support the financial wellbeing of employees. Covid-19 has caused the lowest 20% of earners to lose more than 15% of their monthly income. And financial worries have been cited as the biggest mental health burden of Covid-19. Within this climate we have worked hard to create a unique range of products that provide the support that employees need.

Financial Happiness

financially happy.png

Everyone wins

Nobody wins by having financially stressed employees in the workplace. Each year, £51 billion is lost to the economy through lost productivity from financially stressed workers. We want to create a world where employees feel financial confidence, so they can bring their A-game to work everyday.

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